Following are various links that connect me in positive ways with ideas, people and entertainment:

The Browser presents that rare species long-form journalism in a usually well-curated format.

The Charlie Rose website has some 4000 hours of video interviews with various achievers of one kind or another, all taken from his ongoing PBS television show.   Amazingly, Rose is said to have conducted in excess of 50,000 interviews during his career.  Generally, whenever he’s not interviewing moviemakers or musicians fawningly promoting their latest projects, this material makes the oxymoron ‘intelligent television’ slightly less so.  Certainly no one is currently better at the art of the interview.

Laughing Mountain Communications is where my alter-career in television can be perused.

This is a terrific and funny article about chopping wood in rural Britain.  It’s lodged within a smart new digital magazine called Aeon which, like The Browser, champions long-form essays.  And here is another article in Aeon with intent sympathetic to mine, called ‘Luddite Love.’

Slate is a magazine worth a daily visit, if only because the incomparable Doonesbury resides here, archives and all.

This American Life has been playing on NPR since 1995, but its quirky brilliance seems undiminished, even quirkier if anything.

CKUA is the little radio station that did, unique public radio as can only be imagined in jurisdictions other than Alberta.

This New York Times article by Tim Krieder pretty much nails what’s wrong with ‘internet economics’ for content creators.



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