This blog is about our changing times, about the accelerated change we are all living with on a daily basis.  It focuses on the change brought about by the digital revolution, but more generally looks at all forms of change, whether that be as the result of technology, geography, climate, evolving gender roles, age or any other circumstance which alters over time.

Change has always been a factor in our lives, but these days we are all living with a greater rate of change than at any other time in our collective history, and we all need to recognize that, see it—as best we can—for what it is, and we all need to derive strategies to deal with that accelerated change.

My hope is that this blog will help myself and readers with those goals: gaining a wider view on what’s happening around us, maintaining a healthy, that is critical attitude toward the people and causes driving this change, and developing positive strategies that will aid us all in surviving, better yet thriving within a context of accelerated change.  There’s a herd mentality that can develop around any broadly-based movement, technical or not, a certain lemming-like unthinking that can simply make life more untenable for some members of our society.  Without being another how-to exercise, another in the infinite stream of online lists of the ten best techniques for (fill in the blank), this blog is here to challenge that unthinking, to instead offer perspective, analysis, information and tactics for coping, indeed profiting from the rapidly evolving world we’re currently living in.

Ten Seconds of Silence is inspired by life as it transpires on Galiano Island, located within British Columbia’s Southern Gulf Islands.


Ric Beairsto spent nearly 30 years working as a writer, director and producer in the independent Canadian film and television industry, before gradually transitioning to a life divided between Galiano Island and downtown Vancouver, BC.  He continues to write, direct, teach and produce within the film and television industry, but spends an increasing amount of time writing this blog, chopping wood, carrying water, and otherwise enjoying an island retreat which offers peaceful, green surroundings, oxygen-rich air, and plenty of silence.


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